fredag den 28. marts 2008

Guerilla Knitting 2.0

Ganske kort: Tim Regan har netop introduceret mig for fænomenet Guerilla Knitting, eller Xtreme Knitting, som er det, der ville komme ud af at klone en street artist med en gammel dame fra Hosekræmmeren.
Er det ikke bare cool?

Faldt også over denne ironiske StarWars-kommentar (håber jeg) til traditionel 'cute' knitting. Ja, man fattes ord.

Verdamt! I just realized that Tim Regan (yes,the proud owner of Henry, the dogumentarist, that you read about earlier) posted a blog on the exact same topic.

Only, he was kind enough to also refer to my friend Anders Bonnesen who have done some great knitting work (and that is something you rarely get to say about...well, anyone).

So, to fix that I hurry to add Anders's work here. Check it out, and guess who has the beautiful (and possibly lethal) tripod sitting in her home...(no, it's not his mom, dammit. How could you?)

Tim mentions that to him, blogging is a way of keeping up to date with what his friends are doing. Actually, in Tim's case, it's probably more about using technology to embarrass his sweet kids in a parallel reality. And globally, just to make sure that they cannot even leave the country.

But, to be honest, I don't think he needs to - his orange home-made papier maché thingy that turns a perfectly good camera into a crappy dysfunctional camera, has probably already earned Will and Meg a place in the hall of tormented kids. Not because it is there, but because he wears it. In public. For real.

Anyway, that was a bit besides the track...The point is, since my friends are a rather international lot, and since I would be lost if they chose to blog in, say, Portuguese, I will consider continuing my blog in English.

First, however, I have to consider the professional consequences of giving my entire professional community the opportunity to read what is going on in my mind. It is not exactly a career-booster, I fear.

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