tirsdag den 10. marts 2009

Success is a kind of tea bisciut

I seem to have approached 'hunt for success' from the wrong angle lately.

It's apparently a kind of a tea biscuit, and not too difficult to produce either.

but still, I must be doing something wrong...

Seems to be too many things in the bowl, things that do not mix well...and suddenly I realize that the recipe is in French and I don't get what I'm supposed to do now.

Being the good friends that he is, Malo sent me this auto translated version to help me get success.

And now I am surprised that I have ever had success with anything. First, you need to mount a couple of farms (preferably tight ones, if you can get your hands on such), then you put your pacifist thoughts aside and hand out a thorough old-fashioned thrashing.

It's not all muscle work though. No success without mi-mi lotion!

I assume it is something you can easily get your hands on if you live near a woodoo marked.

I don't, however, so I'm afraid it will be a while before I'll get to taste sweet success again:(
Meantime, I will have do do with this picture of success.

tirsdag den 3. marts 2009

After Nosferatu fish and train transvestite service one want more

Two days after returning to Denmark I start wondering how to escape again:)

Not that I am particularly sad about leaving the tense heat, the packs of Jabba the Hut-like men hunting for local female company, or the worrying abundance of good whiskey in Thailand.

However, experiences such as Nosferatu-like fish, train transvestite service, and a band of marching kids in chicken costumes playing Smoke on the Water on tuba...well, they sort of call for more.

And magically, today I landed a deal that will cover the expenses to go to CHI in Boston this April.

It's time to go back to visit the Mr Sipowicz-clone I stayed with last time and maybe get invited to meat ball galore at the 'Itailan/Polish citizen of the year'-party with the Elk Brothers once again. Hooray!