tirsdag den 10. marts 2009

Success is a kind of tea bisciut

I seem to have approached 'hunt for success' from the wrong angle lately.

It's apparently a kind of a tea biscuit, and not too difficult to produce either.

but still, I must be doing something wrong...

Seems to be too many things in the bowl, things that do not mix well...and suddenly I realize that the recipe is in French and I don't get what I'm supposed to do now.

Being the good friends that he is, Malo sent me this auto translated version to help me get success.

And now I am surprised that I have ever had success with anything. First, you need to mount a couple of farms (preferably tight ones, if you can get your hands on such), then you put your pacifist thoughts aside and hand out a thorough old-fashioned thrashing.

It's not all muscle work though. No success without mi-mi lotion!

I assume it is something you can easily get your hands on if you live near a woodoo marked.

I don't, however, so I'm afraid it will be a while before I'll get to taste sweet success again:(
Meantime, I will have do do with this picture of success.

tirsdag den 3. marts 2009

After Nosferatu fish and train transvestite service one want more

Two days after returning to Denmark I start wondering how to escape again:)

Not that I am particularly sad about leaving the tense heat, the packs of Jabba the Hut-like men hunting for local female company, or the worrying abundance of good whiskey in Thailand.

However, experiences such as Nosferatu-like fish, train transvestite service, and a band of marching kids in chicken costumes playing Smoke on the Water on tuba...well, they sort of call for more.

And magically, today I landed a deal that will cover the expenses to go to CHI in Boston this April.

It's time to go back to visit the Mr Sipowicz-clone I stayed with last time and maybe get invited to meat ball galore at the 'Itailan/Polish citizen of the year'-party with the Elk Brothers once again. Hooray!

onsdag den 28. januar 2009

Using cannabis cleverly to boost webshop UX

Hmm, after having a bit of time off after the defence I wish I had petty problems like making kick-ass robot cakes.

But, alas, for now I am stuck in reviewing Hell with no other distractions than skype, facebook, twitter, flikr, youtube, a few cool tech blogs and a newspaper. But it's still only 4pm and a particular evil review paper is staring at me from across the room:(

While avoiding it I came across this lovely film about an excavation of an Ant colony and immediately got the desire to go on excavation again. On top of that I got a paper on technology in archaeological fieldwork in the mailbox, and I start to wonder if it's a sign to go back to hard manual labour?

Hmm, maybe I should pack the old Lara Croft equipment for my Holiday in Cambodia and save shopping galore for later. We could do with another cranium lamp in the house, and I am sure Cambodia still offers archaeology to fulfil that exact wish.

Another career opportunity has also knocked on my door: I got some electrical stuff that I ordered online, and while many webshops put a little extra something in your package to make the shopping experience better, few actually know what works (UX people should pay extra attention here).

For example, my usual seed provider (you know: vegeables, flowers and such) always include a tiny bag of candy. Really tiny, really hard and probably really old (but not old enough to get the old archaeologist heart pumping:). Now, this new provider of elecrical supplies included.....a tiny bag of cannabis seeds(!)

Yes! Not pulling any legs here! (and if SonyE hadn't kidnapped my phone I would document it).

So I guess that if archaeologist/light designer fails I might make it as the village's first (?) drug dealer.

...oh, endless opportunities awaits:)