fredag den 25. juli 2008

Seriously wasting time online...and then The Dawn of Projector Enhanced Flashing.

I was supposed to spend this week's peace working hard on the thesis. I managed to open Word and look at it...twice.

Seriously disappointing even for me.

To kill time I've surfed all sorts of wacky DIY/arts/tech pages and have been feeling stressed with all things I could do if I had more time and skills.
But then I stumbled over a 'Diaper cake to hide the Champagne' (diaper cake, WTF?), a 'cozy carpet made out of old t-shirts' (decorating with t-shirt patchwork?), and 'bird house made of chopsticks' (...?!?) and suddenly realized how in sane (though no doubt creative) many DIY'ers really are.

Which is why it almost came as no surprise when I found a flasher who apparently has tossed away the cotton coat in favour for projector enhanced flashing (and yes, he is butt naked at the picture...pure naked skin , duct tape, and car battery).
I honestly don't know what to think about it...I hate flashers as much as the next sane person but it looks actually pretty funny. I'm wondering if his incentive is turning a perv hobby into some kind of tech/art performance to avoid trouble with the law?

tirsdag den 15. juli 2008

Exit cucumber Frog, welcome raspberry caipirinha and Pompon Finkelstein

Okay, it was not literally for ever, the cucumber frog. It sort of started smelling after a week in the fridge...
So, now I'm frog-less again and trying to cope with it.

Nothing is really happening - Kaare is away somewhere, it's 8 pm and I'm still fiddling around with the thesis. It's okay really, 'cause I am accompanied by my second raspberry caipirinha and some great old Buddha Bar tracks I dug up.

Kaare is going on holiday next week and I am starting to wonder how my health will cope with that. Seem to remember how I wrote my bachelor's thesis locked up alone in my flat with some bottles of Whiskey, a tiny mountain of cigarettes and some Swedish Knäckebröd.

Well, it went surprisingly okay that last time, so there is no need to freak out or go shopping for real food.

torsdag den 3. juli 2008

Who says diamonds are forever ? People who never got a frog carved out of a cucumber, that's who!

Things have been quiet here because I finally had a break-through with my thesis writing. It's actually starting to interest me and I no longer have the irresistible urge to take a nap every time I open 'ThesisOfDoom_versionN.doc'

Good for me.

The reason for me neglecting the thesis now is twofold:

First: I wanted to share the wonderful pictures of a present I got from Kaare. What you really want when you are sound asleep at night is your semi-drunk boyfriend to come home from a night out with the girls from work carrying a crowned frog he carved out of vegetables. For you only.

That is so sweet/weird/scary/funny/vegan that it made me speechless (almost).

As you can see from the pictures it has a 'mundane every-day crown' (cucumber), a 'party crown' (carrot) and a very festive 'galla crown' (mushroom). Vegan accessories - I love it!

Second: Thanks to Christina Seehusen I found this great website that bitches over bad archaeology. I must say, I did not realize that there were SO many areas one could bitch about archaeology-wise. It's hours of fun, I tell you.

[Trailer: Bad Archaeology is the brainchild of a couple of archaeologists who are fed up with the distorted view of the past that passes for knowledge in popular culture. We are unhappy that books written by people with no knowledge of real archaeology dominate the shelves at respectable bookshops. We do not appreciate news programmes that talk about ley lines (for example) as if they are real.

In short, we are Angry Archaeologists!]