onsdag den 5. november 2008

No more bribes untill I find Max and Greg on DVD

Today seems to be International Hooray for Obama day. Twitter is glowing, Facebook is glowing, fantastic.

On top of that - or maybe because of that? - I managed to get an extended deadline on the next games chapter and this time I was too clever to offer bribes such as robot cakes.

Last time I ended up covering myself in frosting and some sticky green apple-stuff. Never thought I should say this, but I really miss my Max and Greg video, featuring two gays in a gay kitchen giving tips on making really gay cakes. It was amazing, but now it's gone. Like VHS. I'm sure those guys could have shown me how to make a proper 3D robot cake on wheels and all, like the one below my lame attempt to 'robotify' ready-made brownies .

Not knowing how to make a cool cake that would make it to Sweden and having created a birthday cake that ended up looking like Jabba the Hut a couple of days before, I googled 'robot cake' for inspiration. Bad idea. Really bad idea.

Earth is apparently swarming with people who have nothing better to do than go berserk in cake decoration.
Some appear more like a social commentary, like this amazing Slayer cake that suggests a completely new and sweet side to metal fans.

Hmmm...what a wonderful idea for a theme cook book; Metal cooking.

2 kommentarer:

Jim sagde ...

Okay, hope I clicked the right thing to comment. The Slayer cake is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Personally I would like to see the cover of Reign in Blood in cake form. Get to work.

Christina sagde ...

your robotified brownie is rather pityful.Compared to that robocake on the photo beneath, that is. BUT. Yours is cuter! (and probably tastes way better)
Do let me know if you find max & greg dvd. I wouldn't miss it for the world.